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If you don't want kids to sniff markers, make them smell like ass, not grapes.

i can't decide if i love or hate this thing called money

Mary Jane
24 August
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abortion is homicide.

Ignorance is fucking stupid.

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

(August 23 - Sepember 22)
The Vestal Virgin. Mutable, earth, yin - planetary ruler: Mercury. Keywords: "I ANALYZE"

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and governs the nervous system and the intestines. Positive traits include a keen intellect, attention to detail, imagination, politeness, disciplined work habits, realism, practicality, skepticism, organizational skill, curiosity, and modesty; negative traits are anal-retentiveness, anxiety, hesitation, an inability to see the forest past the trees, insecurity, and obsessiveness.

This is not a natural sign for Gryffindor, but some Gryffindors do end up born under the influence of Virgo. They are hard workers and usually very bright; they tend to be more ethically obsessed than most. Some Virgo wizards are also sorted into House Gryffindor because of their amazing imaginations; on the surface they may appear straight-laced and almost nervous, but inside is a wealth of romantic yearning and fantastic excitement. They quietly build dream castles in their minds; and the practical influence of the Earth element means that they, unlike more flighty signs, may have some chance of building those dream castles on solid foundations.